Transformation Night




There's a lot happening on Wednesday nights for youth at First Met. Our Wednesday Night Activities run from 7:00 – 9:00. Come join the fun!

Jubilation Station for PreK thru Elementary School Kids is the place! Children will experience fun, friendship, and a chance to meet and grow in Jesus, every week. Children can gather to connect with other children. Children experience weekly Bible stories and lessons through crafts, games and movies, closing with a snack, sharing time and prayer.


Save Our Sons (SOS)

Middle School Girls and Boys (SOS) are provided fun and challenging opportunities to develop relationships with peers and leaders, develop a strong foundation for their faith, and have a lot of fun. Lessons are supported through Scripture memory and small group interaction.

Teen Talk (6th, 7th, 8th Grades)

Wednesday nights give preteens something worth talking about; discussions that matter to them. Compelling and thought provoking, creative discussions that focus on relevant, real-life topics and facilitate great conversations. Topics cover issues of life and faith. Preteen students will be engaged with and thinking about: Communicating with and hearing back from God, choosing to follow God rather than the crowd no matter what kind of peer pressure you might face and exploring what the New Testament has to say about when Jesus is coming back and being committed to intentional prayer. Topics that will initiate intriguing questions that will get churched kids and unchurched kids alike talking and thinking about the Bible--and how its principles affect their daily lives.


Teen Ministry

Wednesday night for Teens is designed around small groups and interaction with each other. Join us and connect with each other and God through worship, Biblical teaching, discussion, and fun!